Are You Tired of Paying Your Real Estate Broker Thousands?

Global Luxury Realty has revolutionized the way our clients are served and our real estate agents are compensated. We offer an exciting 100% Realtor Commission compensation plan as an alternative to traditional Florida Real Estate Brokerages who take high percentages of your commissions and do very little for you in return. ​There is a reason we have … Continue reading Are You Tired of Paying Your Real Estate Broker Thousands?



WE ARE CUSTOM HOME BUILDERS In industry terms, the definition of custom is: starting a project without pre-engineered plans.  As one of the only pure custom builders left in Columbus, we start with a pencil and a piece of paper. Your family is unique. Your vision for a new home is exclusive to you and … Continue reading WE ARE CUSTOM HOME REMODELERS


If you want new customers and repeat business, engaging your customers on their mobile devices is now a requirement. This is no longer an option for the business owners and/or managers who wants to succeed and grow. Using our text message marketing solutions and mobile marketing software, you can now easily gain new customers, increase … Continue reading CONNECT WITH YOUR CUSTOMERS ON MOBILE AND GROW

Yard Signs

colorful Yard Indicators are a strong and transportable instrument for fast out of doors placement of commercials and messages a couple of enterprise or particular occasion.  A frame sign  -  We provide quite a lot of single-sided and double-sided yard staked indicators which are simply set in to the garden or alongside the street. Pair with … Continue reading Yard Signs